Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Performing proper maintenance on your vehicle’s tires helps guard against road hazards, such as a blowout. It’s recommended to check your tires’ pressure on a monthly basis or before any major road trips. Another preventative measure is to rotate and balance the wheels every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Rotating your tires and balancing them avoids uneven wear on the tread. You want the tires’ traction to perform optimally, especially on wet road surfaces. 

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DIY headlight Cleaning Methods

If your headlight lenses appear to have gotten cloudy, it’s time to improve your visibility and clean them up. There are a few methods that you can use yourself. Using a cloth with warm water and toothpaste has been known to help in cleaning a good amount of debris off the lenses. This method works better on plastic than glass, but it is worth a try on either.

If toothpaste didn’t give you the visibility you were looking for, you might consider insect repellent spray that contains DEET. 

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Alignment Importance

We here at Max Ford of Harrisonville want to make sure that when you drive your vehicle off the lot for the first time, you are aware of all the beneficial routine maintenance tasks that are needed in order for your vehicle to remain as nice as it was the first day that you got it.

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Look at the Ford EcoSport

When you are out driving around in Harrisonville, you want to have a vehicle that is reliable and one that looks really good at the same time. With the 2018 Ford EcoSport, you don't have to sacrifice reliability or a stylish look. This crossover vehicle has some nice features to attract any driver.

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Why Are Genuine Replacement Parts More Reliable?

The parts that you are getting from your local auto parts store could be manufactured just about anywhere, and don't stand up the the strict requirements of the parts sold at the dealership. Here is why you should be getting your parts from Max Ford of Harrisonville.

The reason that you will find parts cheaper at all the independent auto parts stores is simple: they are made cheaply and they need to be replaced more often. Does it make sense to pay $10 for a part that you will need to replace in a year or pay $35 for…
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Online Vehicle Financing Applications Are Taking Over

Online vehicle financing is a concept that's slowly but surely taking over automotive dealerships everywhere. Its been gaining traction swiftly in many places, too.

Financing a car on the internet can do a lot of good things for people. It can help them feel privacy and discretion. Filling out puzzling vehicle financing forms around other people can be quite overwhelming. It can sometimes even be embarrassing. Contacting your bank over and over again is never fun. Online vehicle financing applications can be great for efficiency and speed. They can do a lot for people who lack a lot of…
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Our Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance Services are Important

You care about your car, and you are willing to do anything that you need to so that it stays in good shape. One of the things that you can do for your car to keep it running well is to have it serviced as you enter a new season. Here at Max Ford of Harrisonville, we're focused on guiding local drivers in the right direction for their long-term success in the local area.

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle

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How to Keep Your Pet Safe while Travelling

If you're a pet owner in the local Harrisonville area, it's important to claim a vehicle that can comfortably transport your cat or dog. Our team at Max Ford of Harrisonville is eager to guide you in the right direction for the happiness of your family pet, in addition to the preservation of your patience. Looking to keep them calm once you hit the road? Keep this tips in mind during your next trip:

  • Consult with your veterinarian to ensure the pet’s health is in good shape.
  • Ensure the temperatures are favorable to avoid the unnecessary heat…
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